Fryup Publishing uses the Lulu self-publishing platform. Its expedient distribution system makes it the perfect home for a ‘mega-subjective’ press, given it enables the spontaneous, relatively cheap and micro-production of works. Of course, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go right ahead and publish straight onto Lulu yourself. Fryup Publishing is intended merely as a home for like-minded projects, should you wish to get involved. Who knows, in that respect, how things might develop.

Contact: staniforthmark @ hotmail . co . uk and/or @fryup74

The below is all subject to negotiation, etc:

Fryup Publishing publishes works via Lulu under a Creative Commons copyright license.

Books are printed entirely on demand. Authors will be able to access their works via Lulu at (or near) cost price, and are free to buy/sell as many as they wish. Profits from all books sold directly via Lulu and its other associated platforms, and/or physical copies sold by the publisher, will be split 50-50 with the author. 

Please note content guidance. The interior of the book must be black and white other than in exceptional cases. Initial files can be sent in .doc or Word formats. Files can also be sent as good quality jpegs or pdfs, but will need to be made available later in .doc or Word for editing/formatting purposes. Please use a relatively standard font (Palatino, in particular, is ace).