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All thirteen of the Anti-Sonnets books are available via Lulu, or as FREE PDFS. Visit the ANTI-SONNETS website for more details/links.

Fryup: A Novel (Deluxe edition)

Fryup: A Novel

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Colliding fact and fiction, ancient and modern, FRYUP: A NOVEL evokes a remote and mythical place whose inhabitants clamour to be heard: their urgent narratives inter-twining in a chaos of fantastical escapism and folkloric nostalgia. In doing so they excavate new palimpsestic possibilities for an imminent post-urban and unashamedly parochial age. As Bow Wow Wow once said: Swinging from the trees / Naked in the breeze / But I got no boiled chicken / I want to go hunting and fishing. £10/£6.99


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FLUXCUP is the product of a year-long aleatory event in which three hundred and sixty-four nations and territories played off in a knockout tournament determined by the roll of two dice. In collaging found texts to chronicle each nation in relation to the stage of its exit, FLUXCUP confronts inescapable nationalistic stereotypes and resists age-old cartological hierarchies to compile a truly aleato-geographical atlas of the world. For more see 720pp/£14. Fluxcup Final Official Match Programme: £5.



“The Sonnet,” wrote Phillis Levin in her introduction to The Penguin Book of the Sonnet, “is a portrait of the mind in action.” In committing to the creation of one sonnet per day for a year, ‘Anti-Sonnets’ challenges the convention of toilsome authorship and instead renders the process of production at centre stage. Building on a vast contextual scaffold, ‘Anti-Sonnets’ uncovers the form’s true post-internet potential. 370pp/£7.50

Roscoe + Kola’s Amazing African Adventure


Folks never leave Fryup. If you’re born there, you die there, and you don’t do a whole lot in between, least nothing worth telling. Kola and Roscoe wanted to leave (well, Kola did). So they did: they got a plane too Chad (after Roscoe had fought a pit-bull to pay for it). And this is pretty much what happened next. 32pp/£5



In 1977 a BBC Panorama documentary made legends of lads like Harry The Dog with its stiff-and-starchy investigation into football hooliganism at Millwall. Re-framing the boasts of its notorious subjects here in their entirety, ‘Rucking’ reflects on the long-gone stars and enduring stereotypes of the golden age of terrace troubles.

Razzle Vol. 7. No. 10


In 2003 the American conceptual writer Kenneth Goldsmith published ‘Day’, comprising every letter, number and symbol of the September 1, 2000 edition of the New York Times. Razzle Vol. 7. No 10. represents its unashamedly prurient equivalent: every textual element in a 1989 edition of the eponymous British soft-core porno magazine. Elevating the words to centre-stage, Razzle.. reclaims and re-frames the faux-erotic language of the pre-internet age whilst simultaneously thumbing its nose at PC auto-outrage and countering the enroaching moral repression of the day. £5

The Road to N’Djamena


Comprising five conceptual journeys generated by Google Maps, The Road to N’Djamena proposes a new kind of psychogeography for the post-internet age: one which rejects the increasingly banal and ubiquitous motifs of conventional travel writing and re-introduces a world with (almost) unlimited possibilities. From Blaise Cendrars’ ‘Transsiberien’ to Julio Cortazar’s trawl through the rest-stops of French autoroutes, the avant-garde has long sought to expand upon the traditional definition of ‘journey’. The Road to N’Djamena finds new wildernesses within its paratexts, inviting its readers to contemplate the still-impossibly-exotic without ever leaving their seats. £8

Twenty-three Taco Bell Robberies

Twenty-three Dunkin’ Donuts Robberies

Twenty-three Dairy Queen Robberies

Twenty-three Chick-Fil-A Robberies

Twenty-three Papa John’s Robberies

Twenty-three Krispy Kreme Robberies

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Appropriating the style of Ed Ruscha’s seminal ‘Twentysix Gasoline Stations’, the ‘Twentythree.. Robberies’ series offers an up-to-date and constantly evolving portrait of US society through the prism of two of its most enduring obsessions: food and guns. £5



Porn stars and serial killers, nazis and nymphomanics, hunchbacks and bare-knuckle boxers: just a few of the disparate cast of characters who call the remote moorland community of Fryupdale their home. These 18 short stories reveal the truths behind their lonely, sad and sometimes hilarious lives – and why the world beyond village limits will always seem so distant. £6.99

The Escaped Horse: Collected Fanzines


For two mercifully short years in the early 1990s, ‘The Escaped Horse’ chronicled the questionable fortunes of Thornton-le-Dale Football Club as they wallowed in the depths of the Scarborough and District League Division Three. Ignoring regular verbal abuse and threats of physical violence, and undeterred by the League’s attempt to issue them with banning orders, its editors went where others feared to tread. Reproduced here in its entirety, ‘The Escaped Horse’ is an enduring, warts-and-all expose of life at the arse-end of football. £8.50

Contact: staniforthmark @ hotmail . co . uk and/or @fryup74. Instagram: fryup74