“The Sonnet,” wrote Phillis Levin in her introduction to The Penguin Book of the Sonnet, “is a portrait of the mind in action.” In committing to the creation of one sonnet per day for a year, ANTI-SONNETS challenges the convention of toilsome authorship and instead renders the process of production at centre stage. Building on a vast contextual scaffold, ‘Anti-Sonnets’ uncovers the form’s true post-internet potential.

370 pages/£7.50. Available from Lulu.


FLUXCUP is the product of a year-long aleatory event in which three hundred and sixty-four nations and territories played off in a knockout tournament determined by the roll of two dice. In collaging found texts to chronicle each nation in relation to the stage of its exit, FLUXCUP confronts inescapable nationalistic stereotypes and resists age-old cartological hierarchies to compile a truly aleato-geographical atlas of the world. 720 pages/£14.